BMB Reach Egypt: Celebrating 15 Years of Excellence

15 years ago, we took the path less travelled and embarked on our journey to success in Egypt. Along the years, we overcame challenges on our mission to grow beyond market expectations. The journey was not easy, but with the support of our headquarters, customers, partners and employees, we were able to REACH yet another milestone.

Today, as we celebrate our 15 years of excellence, persistence, progression and firm market presence, BMB Reach Egypt is recognized as a frontrunner in the fast-moving Information & Communication Technology industry. We bring together advanced technologies to deliver high performance ICT Solutions, focused on Enterprise Networking, Data Center, Collaboration, IoT and Security, across a variety of industries, including education, telcos, manufacturing, financial services, healthcare, retail and the public sector.

We are the curious, the insistent and the restless. We are the experts who can capture, move, manage and secure your industry.

We are BMB.