BMB is now Cisco UCCE ATP
As of April 10, BMB is a Cisco UCCE Authorized Technology Provider!

Building on our legacy in successful contact center deployments across the small and medium businesses, BMB is taking the challenge one step further! We're happy to announce the completion of the Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise ATP requirements and extend our offering to the high end enterprise.
Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise (Unified CCE) is suited to offering Omni-channel customer care for service providers, outsourcers, and large enterprise companies. UCCE helps you provide contextual, continuous, and high-capability experiences.

The consumer decides how to interact in a seamless way with a company's servicesas context and consistency are maintained across all possible channels for that individual.

Cisco's UCCE offer customers unique capabilities such as fully fault-tolerance active-active redundancy with calls in queue retained during router failover, scalability up to 12,000 agents per server and Multisite Support. Cisco UCCE allows you to launch up to 600 Outbound Campaigns and 1200 campaigns with Contact Director deployment model. It has a universal multi-channel queueing system for all channels (voice, email, chat…) and it can generate more than 200 predefined reports (historical, real time, and live data reports) with the ability to generate report based on the customer selection criteria.