BMB Joins Efforts with Bonheur du Ciel Initiative

BMB Joins Efforts with Bonheur du Ciel Initiative

August 23, 2017

On August 23rd, BMB employees took the initiative to handle the “Bonheur du Ciel” restaurant located in Bourj Hammoud for the day.

The “Bonheur Du Ciel” restaurants are not like any others, they actually serve free food to the homeless and needy families (approximately 200 persons per day). Food is served by volunteers who welcome people from all races, sects and areas, no matter what their religion or nationality is so that they can have solid and healthy meals.

BMB employees took it upon themselves to divide the tasks and prepare a lunch menu with salads, cakes, fruits and refreshments. We also collaborated with Faqra Catering who offered the main hot dish.

It is initiatives like these that reflect the BMB spirit at its best as we stand by our motto: “There’s more joy in giving than in receiving”.

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