Innoarea is BMB’s creative innovation European partner based in Spain with extensive experience in the Augmented and Virtual Reality solutions. Together, we have a solid track record of providing quality AR/VR solutions & services for different verticals including industry 4.0, telcos, healthcare, education and marketing.


You can find below some of our high-level solutions that can all be further expanded with more capabilities and features according to the customer’s request.
  1. Simulation of real experiences of use through Virtual Reality or augmented oriented class for staff education & trainings.
  2. Virtual platform for classrooms.
  3. Virtual reality tool for pitch improvement with voice analytics.
  1. Remote assistance and manuals through AR devices for the resolution of technical incidents.
  2. Simulation of real experiences through Virtual or Augmented Reality customized for staff assistance with steps to follow.
  3. Prevention of occupational hazards through controlled experiences that recreate risk situations.
  4. Maintenance of assets through HMDs: Clients can show real time data of their assets and take different actions.
  1. VR Showroom: Show the product or manual installation to the client in an immersive environment.
  2. Virtual Catalogues & Manuals: App for mobile devices that interacts with the physical catalogue, making the product appear in AR mode.
  1. VR treatments: experience controlled by doctors in which the patient lives a simulated situation to improve his health condition.
  2. Health training: VR or AR application developed to improve the medical practices’ training.
  3. Preoperative planning in surgery: Doctors can visualize organs in high definition in a collaborative workspace with VR glasses. As such, they can understand complex information faster and take the most appropriate decisions.
  4. Smart gym: Supervise and keep track of users’ physical exercise as well as show work out data in real time.
  5. Virtual rehabilitation: Keep track of patients throughout their rehabilitation process and get alerts that can avoid injuries and accidents.
  1. Global scale multiplayer games: Players can find content in different locations all over the world and interact with it in Augmented Reality. Successful examples that use similar technologies include Pokemon GO and Ingress.
  2. Location-based multiuser experiences: users can experience AR content from different points of view in the same location. Music concerts could show special effects on top of the real ones and football matches could show data about the players in real time, like scores or speed of the ball as well as mid-game entertainment.
  3. Interactive installations: through sensors’ interaction, physical spaces turn passive audiences to engaged participators.
  1. Ent Box: Get friends and families together to enjoy multimedia content in your own customized VR space.
  2. VR Learning: Virtual Reality education platform that allows to gather as many students as needed in the same virtual space
  3. Marketing: Use the new immersive technologies and new channels to engage with customers.

Simulate customized events to train the Police workforce:

Example: Dismantle a car bomb, Practice shooting, handle robberies in crowded places, react to physical assaults, conduct vehicle searches, etc.

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