Being the exclusive distributor for Laserfiche, one of the worldwide leading ECM software in the MENA region, and the service provider of highly ranked BI platform solutions in Levant and parts of North Africa, BMB Direct has been delivering wide-range turnkey Business Intelligence, Big Data Analytics, AI, Self Service Data Visualization and Discovery, Enterprise Content Management, Business Process Management, E-Forms and Workflow Solutions bundled with compliant top quality hardware.

BMB Direct enjoys a big market share as a result of full dedication and focus on the product at hand, proved with prestigious customers from different verticals and strong Value Added Resellers and Sub-Resellers channel.

Bringing together advanced technologies to deliver high performance ICT Solutions, focused on IoT, Enterprise Networking, Data Center Infrastructure, Collaboration, Cloud services and Security.

BMB Reach is characterized by its highly skilled team and its affiliation to leading vendors in ICT with its exceptional positioning in delivering world-class professional solutions and services to both, private and public organizations, as well as service providers locally and internationally. BMB Reach’s engagement towards its customers is specialized in providing and maintaining an outstanding service. BMB Reach has so far achieved the highest certifications, awards and recognitions.

BMB Move creates, implements, optimizes and manages customized solutions for enhanced business performance.

It can design your facility to optimize the operations, handle your distribution, manage your inventory and returns, insure your cargo, and reduce your mailing costs with the goal of streamlining your supply chain. BMB Move solutions, combined with different technologies like AI, Machine learning, RFID, Enterprise Mobility Professional services, Sales Force and Merchandising Automation, Vehicle Tracking, Fleet Management, Warehouse management, Mobile device management and system integrations, provide the experience and the scale to meet the total supply chain needs of large or small customers.

BMB smart is a programming academy designed for beginners as well as professionals in Lebanon interested in technology. It introduces you to robotics, programming, tech camp, stem world, machine learning, iot, artificial intelligence, revit, graphic design, hacking, game design and more.

It gives you a better understanding of the digital world that surrounds us to better face the future.

At BMB smart, we have developed courses that run throughout the year, after school classes, summer camps and year round classes for all ages and levels.