Work is no longer defined by offices or cubicles. Employees increasingly move from desktop to tablet or smartphone. And they expect access, functionality, and security no matter which device or location they choose.

BMB is offering collaboration solutions that transform the traditional workplace into a productive workspace that moves with you. Collaboration solutions that provides richer collaboration experiences, increased productivity, and greater return on investment.

How can a Collaboration solution help your employees, customers, suppliers, and partners communicate quickly and easily?

Connecting co-workers, partners, suppliers, and customers with the information and expertise they need.

Accessing and sharing video on the desktop, on mobile devices, and on demand, as easily as making a phone call.

Facilitating better team interactions, dynamically bringing together individuals, virtual workgroups, and teams.

Making mobile devices extensions of the corporate network so workers can be productive anywhere.

Integrating collaboration and communications into applications and business processes.