Today’s key pillars revolve around IT and data mobility, efficiency and connectivity. Everyone’s businesses are about agility and security in sending accurate data through a reliable network of communication.

BMB’s technologies and services include IoT, Automated Machine learning, Cloud solutions, Optical Networks, Big Data, Advanced Analytics, Security, Collaboration, AI, Business Intelligence, Fintech, Enterprise Networking, Data Center, Enterprise Content Management, Business Process Management, Enterprise Mobility Solutions, Sales Force Automation, Warehouse Management & Field Service and Managed & Professional services.

Maintenance & Support Services

Businesses require proactive IT service support on which company can rely on to ensure its continuous operations.

BMB’s Maintenance and Support services, combined with its contract aggregation capabilities, provide a portfolio of flexible service products and options to ensure that your ICT assets are properly covered. These services protect businesses from risk and unwelcome downtime expense.

It’s about upholding “Service in Motion.” As such, our expert support teams are regionally available 24/7 to efficiently cater to every problem, based on predefined service level agreements (SLAs)

A team of experts is always at the customers’ reach for virtual technical assistance or onsite support.

Managed Services

Managed services ensure a seamless and elaborate service to customers that guarantee technical expertise, standardization and consistency accross multiple vendors, technologies and geographies.

BMB has earned its reputation through extensive year of service management.

Outsourcing the management of your technology domains to a professional IT service management provider requires a solid trust. With a reputable experience in ICT domains, BMB delivers reliable managed services internationally. The managed services are standardized but also tailor made to meet clients’ particular needs.

The confidence you entrust in the services, guarantees BMB’s commitment to delivering the highest and most efficient products and solutions by presenting you with an array of expertise, be it through georgraphical coverage, leading technology partners and best teams.

Consulting Services

BMB designs the strategies and channels that optimize the use of technology to enhance the company’s value and business strategies.

The teams build on the company’s vision to provide you with an adequate and most suitable solution for your IT and business. The solution encompasses all business aspects and incorporate new technologies in order to ensure a high efficiency in your day-to-day workflow.

Project Management

BMB project management office (PMO) is constituted of a group of certified project managers that follow the Project Management Institute (PMI) guidelines. The PMO’s main purpose is to ensure that the projects are being delivered on time, within budget and as per the quality standards set by BMB. The assigned project managers initiate, plan, execute, monitor and close projects effectively by following up with the project teams and stakeholders throughout the projects phases.

Professional Services

BMB’s information and communication technology professional services help companies enhance their IT enviroment. Professional services range from sales, solutions design, pre-sale familiarization, post-sales follow through, project management, integration, implementation, and constant support and maintenance to optimize and revolutionize IT’s investments.

IT Outsourcing

Today’s interconnectivity doesn’t only compel organizations to be efficient and up to date, but it also pushes them to competitively provide the best to its internal system and employees. It is based on optimizing the use of operations by reducing cost and improving every technological aspect, equipment and applications.

It’s also about having a BMB member turn your data and analysis into information accessible to the client’s employees, with easiness and friendliness through systems that are designed and aligned to meet companies’ targets and ICT.

BMB helps inject more agility & flexibility into business models by delivering IT outsourcing services across many technology domains.