Technical and Technological Services


BMB Potech embodies 25+ years of experience and leadership in the world of Information and Communication Technology. Building on our leading capabilities, trusted reputation, multidisciplinary cyber security services, and national and international reach, we are committed to offering the best-in-class cyber services.
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    Network & Infrastructure Security

    The objective is to apply an in-depth defense approach through the implementation of several security layers to protect the environment against potential threats. The assessment covers all areas, from network equipment, mail filter, network communications, LAN topology, remote connectivity to log management and event correlation, network management, etc.

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    Database Security

    To assess and measure the security level of selected databases within the infrastructure aiming to help organizations protect the databases from internal and external attacks on two levels: Data and System Security.

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    Identity & Access Management

    It helps organizations put in place the strategy to enable user identity assurance and secure access to the assets by providing an omni-channel experience for all the users and systems.

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    MDM & IoT Security

    It helps organizations implement Mobile Device Management solutions and assess the readiness of the IoT strategy and security architecture.

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    API & Application Security

    This type of assessment aims to assess and improve the security layers of applications and the interactions between the APIs aiming to abide by the security by design and privacy by design principles.

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    Penetration Testing & Red Team Exercises

    Penetration tests are a great way to measure the security level of the information system and to identify vulnerabilities through internal or external penetration attempts. It helps organizations simulate the presence of a hacker by carrying out attacks targeting the three security pillars: Cyber, Physical and Human.

    Types of penetration testing exercises:

    1. External Vulnerability Assessments and Penetration Testing
    2. Internal Vulnerability Assessments and Penetration Testing
    3. Web Applications Penetration Testing
    4. Mobile Applications Penetration Testing
    5. Wireless penetration testing
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    Source Code Review & Reverse Engineering

    The objective of this exercise is to review and analyze the source code of the application and test it manually and automatically against common best practices frameworks such as PCI-DSS, OWASP, etc.

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    Digital Forensics

    This service helps organizations investigate digital crimes in order to identify the nature, the time, the means, and the involved parties in the incident.

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    Cyber Threat Intelligence

    The cyber threat intelligence is provided via our tool Darkivore that scrapes deep & dark web onions & hunts leaked info in the cyberspace, identifies threats and prevents attacks. Darkivore is a powerful tool for keeping