Warehouse Management


The acquisition of visibility into the supply chain provides the company with the ability to skillfully and consistently ship perfect orders, reduce inventory shrinkage, empower the sales force – accurate inventory visibility – and reduce carrying costs, by storing needed products only.

Combining rugged mobile computers, label printers and RFID technology with industry-leading applications; StockPro assists warehouse workers receive, put away, pick, pack, confirm and ship orders, with enough time left for value-added services

  1. Increasing employee productivity
  2. Supporting wave picking for better performance
  3. Increasing efficiency in inventory control
  4. Automation using RFID
  5. Improving customer satisfaction with improved order picking accuracy, shipping and on-time deliveries
  6. Managing inventory movements within the facility while ensuring quality control of the products
  7. Increasing pick rates by minimizing out-of-stock occurrences through automated replenishment
  8. Managing raw materials and tracking them into finished goods

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