Trusted by more than 3,500 customers worldwide, BMB has proven expertise and advanced technical skills across various industries.

With a wide range of technologies, solutions and services, BMB helps organizations in both private and public sectors work more efficiently by creating tailored solution that meet their specific needs and requirements.

Public Sector

We’ve let the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization save an estimated 700,000 AED

The MOHRE has over 1200 employees who manage the United Arab Emirates business market and labor affairs.We have simplified and accelerated document digitization process from half an hour to seconds.

Solution: Laserfiche Records Management

Combining BMB expertise to deliver multi-technology solutions from multiple vendors.

We have tailor-made a solution for the security environment in Saudi Exports where the main challenge was to implement multi-technology solutions with very short down time.

Media and Communication

  • Improve media business insight into subscriber/viewer behaviors and preferences
  • Increase subscriber/viewer acquisition and loyalty
  • Exploit revenue opportunities across multiple distribution channels
  • Leverage stronger, more productive industry partnerships
  • Improve management of royalties, copyrights and content security


Easing customer experience at Carrefour…

Customers can do quick price checks on the price-check points installed throughout the shops via our ZEBRA partner solutions.

…but also simplifying the work of the employees in the warehouse.

ONE solution provider means looking at all business aspects, so we also installed the right components for their warehouse management (Handheld devices, printers, barcode readers, etc…)

Oil and Gas

  • Reduce number of people on site
  • Real-time tracking, location / auto-alert
  • Increase speed of resolution
  • Increase availability of experts in shrinking expert pool
  • Increase First Time Right Resolution
  • Reduce travel time and risk
  • Effective Field Collaboration and Remote Experts
  • Data Management and Real-time Analytics
  • Secure Enterprise-Wide Connectivity and Visibility
  • Remote Monitoring, Diagnostics and Operations
  • Scaling Expert Resource Availability
  • Increasing Productivity and Reducing Risk
  • Enable the Connected Refinery
  • Enterprise Network
  • Site Business Planning and Logistics Network
  • SalesForce Automation
  • Route Optimization and Vehicle Tracking
  • Warehouse Management Automation
  • Asset management
  • Increase insight
  • Leverage smart grid
  • Ease administrative and IT burdens
  • Increase operational efficiency and lower costs

Financial Services

Process automation that delivers outstanding results

Creditbank S.A.L. used Laserfiche to automate document routing and processing between the branches and head office, reducing time spent on sorting, scanning and indexing paperwork by 75%.

Great initiatives get awarded.

Creditbank S.A.L. won Laserfiche Run Smarter Award in 2017 for outstanding process automation initiatives.

We advise you on how to boost productivity.

Bank of Beirut increased staff productivity by 60% and reduced staff time spent filing and conducting manual searches by 20%.


Digital transformation to ease the life of 10,000 students at Lebanese American University (LAU)

Student services can be initiated at any time via online forms.

They receive immediate updates on their requests from advisors and can track the progress of submitted forms and requests at every step of the review process.

The university has greatly reduced the amount and cost of paper storage.

“Through mobility and document management, we were able to achieve our goal to go green, to make our services more accessible and deliver our services in a faster manner,” says Camille Abou-Nasr, Assistant Vice President for Information Technology at LAU.


We cover the ever-evolving business processes of our customers. Relentlessly.

  • Customer: PEPSI – Al Jomaih KSA
  • Solution: iSell + MyShare + MyFleet + iTag – Sales Force, Merchandizing, Fleet Management, and Coolers tracking Automation
  • Technology Partners:
    • Zebra
    • SOTI
    • Navleb

Food and Beverage

  • Segment markets, competition and customers to understand and deliver maximum profit by category and brand
  • Drive sourcing and procurement efficiencies
  • Improve collaboration with partners and suppliers
  • Exert greater discipline in marketing campaigns, promotion management and pricing to drive enhanced outcomes
  • Integrate retailer sales data, consumer sentiment insights and sell-through information
  • Synchronize operational processes using real-time production insights
  • Ensure trusted and timely regulatory compliance
  • Route Optimization and Vehicle Tracking (NavTrack)
  • Sales Force Automation (iSell)
  • Control deliveries from warehouse outbound door back to its inbound door (DelTrack)
  • Warehouse Management Automation (ActiveStock)
  • Manage onsite jobs through labeling assets & tracking ressources (ActiveLabel)
  • Provide insight for forefront sales, backdoor stock and display points (ActiveMerchant)


When a hospital is built from scratch you need state-of-art engineering skills.

Specialized Medical Center in Saudi Arabia, Branch 2.Cisco Active Design

Energy and Utilities

Megaproject? We can handle it.

10 KM of Wi-Fi coverage and IP telephony for the biggest solar power plant in the Middle East, Duba.

Business automation to increase performance.

By automating key water industry processes to improve efficiency and performance, USAID’s Lebanon Water Project (LWP), has gotten the infrastructure in place to exceed customer expectations for reliability, consistency and affordability.

  • Smart meter is a solution used to automate the process of meter reading and money collection. The system ensures a higher level of control and reduce the time spent during the reading process. Smart meter allows its user to read meters while scanning the meter barcode, validate read values, and issue invoice on the go. Smart meter I used in the water and electrical sector as well as in the park meter sector. In park meters, the solution will be used to issue fines instead of invoices.
  • Reports for meter values to analyze consumption levels
  • Tracking users to increase travelling efficiency
  • Reduce reading – to – Invoice cycle, by issuing onsite invoices
  • Improving billing hit rate thus increasing revenue
  • Reducing meter reading errors
  • Ensuring onsite money collection with printed receipts


BMB is trusted by the most prestigious hotels in the Middle East.

Crown Plaza Hotel Al Minhal (IHG) in Riyadh

Upgrading the existing environment and building a new extension for the Hotel including a complete IT scope (Civil Work with Piping for Data Points), with Cisco portfolio (IP Telephony – LAN Switches) and Cloud Wireless Solution as per IHG standard.

Industrial & Manufacturing

Construction and Real Estate

Enabling management to make timely, informed decisions

Laserfiche Workflow has facilitated the streamlining of tasks to insure effective operations and increased pace of payment tracking cycle for better client and vendor relationship.

Customer: Orascom Construction Ltd in Egypt.


MyRep is a solution used by pharmaceutical companies in order to track the activities held by their Medical Representatives during their visits to pharmacies and doctors.
Ensures efficient product and cycle management and gives supervisor control over sample distribution and investments. It acts as a CRM through which medical representatives will follow and convert their leads into prescribers and product ambassadors.

  • Auxiliary management (doctors and pharmacies): Categorization and Classification
  • Increase productivity by 30+ %
  • Reduce time to market by 25 %
  • Manage products’ delivered messages
  • Increase sales performance
  • Manage online visibility over field force
  • Improved forecast accuracy
  • Increase win rates and decrease lost sales
  • Increase market visibility
  • Bring supervisors closer to the ground activities
  • Ability to apply geo-fencing and NFC to ensure on site customer visits
  • Document sharing control and monitoring
  • track by product the time spent talking about it


Whether it’s 200 or 2000 devices, we can scale up for big implementations across various divisions.

Binzagr – KSA

MyShare allows your sales team to increase the share of shelf by 30%.

Field Services

  • Enhance accuracy of revenue, win-loss ratios, days sales outstanding (DSO) and resource utilization forecasting
  • Attract and retain profitable customers through targeted customer focused campaigns
  • Optimize operational efficiency and rapidly consolidate financial information
  • Boost profitability of project and IT service execution
  • Remove cost through efficient management of physical assets
  • Improve accuracy and reduce administrative and IT burdens associated with data analysis
  • Improve governance of risk and regulatory & compliance programs
  • Field Service Automation (ActiveField)
  • Route Optimization and Vehicle Tracking (NavTrack
  • Warehouse Management Automation (ActiveStock)
  • Tag assets & track ressources (SmartAssets)

Transportation and Logistics

Providing Middle East Airlines with a secured, highly available network with flexible bandwidth at a competitive cost.

The project reduced the overall Total Cost of Ownership for MEA, helped reduce drastically the monthly Operation Expenses, and provided MEA with reliable and efficient communication services.

Telcos & Service Providers

Enhancing customer experience with voice, chat, e-mail and social media.

Adopting the Cisco Contact Center helped one of the biggest telecom operator in Iraq, delivering a connected digital experience and providing contextual and capability-rich journeys for its customers, across multiple channels like voice, chat, e-mail and social media. This Omni-channel approach improved agent productivity, maximized sales outcomes and most importantly enhanced the customer experience.