Medical Representative Process Automation


MyRep is a solution used by pharmaceutical companies in order to track the activities held by their Medical Representatives during their visits to pharmacies and doctors.

Ensures efficient product and cycle management and gives supervisor control over sample distribution and investments. It acts as a CRM through which medical representatives will follow and convert their leads into prescribers and product ambassadors.


  1. Auxiliary management (doctors and pharmacies): Categorization and Classification
  2. Increase productivity by 30+ %
  3. Reduce time to market by 25 %
  4. Manage products’ delivered messages
  5. Increase sales performance
  6. Manage online visibility over field force
  7. Improved forecast accuracy
  8. Increase win rates and decrease lost sales
  9. Increase market visibility
  10. Bring supervisors closer to the ground activities
  11. Ability to apply geo-fencing and NFC to ensure on site customer visits
  12. Document sharing control and monitoring
  13. Track by product the time spent talking about it