Asset Tracking, RFID Labeling & Printing

Capture it without seeing it.

Providing the fastest code capturing method to speed up your field work.
Where there are goods or assets, RFID is your fastest solution.

Smart asset solution is a tool allowing to track everything in a company from desks and tools to computers, printers, and other equipment.
Smart Asset can be standalone system and will allow to track locations and the available Assets with their final statuses or it can be integrated with an ERP system for financial purpose.

  1. Accurate and Up-to-date asset information for informed decision making
  2. Surplus assets to be identified and effectively deployed
  3. Assets replacement planning is accurate, reducing the risk of duplicating costs
  4. Audits and data capture are fast and easy to perform
  5. Accurate warranty and maintenance information
  6. Significantly reduces asset misappropriation and minimizes equipment replacement costs
  7. Tool Crib and parts Inventory management
  8. Barcode Scanning for asset tracking and history
  9. Eliminates paper and manual entry
  10. Increases productivity resulting in better upper time
  11. Reduces administrative tasks and Reduces Human error
  12. Ease in Transition and Training
  13. Gain Accurate information


  1. It’s a labeling solution that can be used for palettes in warehouse, products on shelves or labeling coolers for further tracking.
  2. Keeps a record of all information related to tagged asset
  3. Print and attach the tag on the go
  4. Usage of passive or active tags
  5. Design your own label


2’’, 3’’, 4’’ Mobile thermal printers

Zebra’s mobile printers boost employee productivity and accuracy with portable and wireless on-demand label, receipt, and barcode printing

RFID printers

Zebra’s mobile to industrial RFID printers produce traceable RFID tags to optimize supply chain management in a variety of business applications.

Industrial Printers

Boost productivity in the most demanding conditions with Zebra’s most rugged line of label and tag printers. Count on high print speeds and outstanding quality.

HHT Devices

Zebra Ring Scanner for Warehouse Management

Android Enterprise Mobile devices

Vehicle mounted devices


Use Zebra’s barcode scanners and readers to capture the data that matters most at the retail POS, patient bedside, and manufacturing production line

The solid and reliable hand-held Monarch price guns are some of the most popular labeling tools for inventory pricing and coding in retail

Pricing Machines




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