Sales Force & Merchandizing Automation

Sales force automation streamlines field sales activities and links field information with back office functions.

It provides the management team with actionable market intelligence, sales analytics facilitating, and boosting efficient decisions. This solution drives compliance and in-store execution behavior of sales reps with order suggestions and self-measurement on various KPIs (orders, invoicing, collection, merchandising, etc…).

ISell automates your route to market strategy while encapsulating your sales cycle from planning visits, capturing sales opportunities, and delivering your sales order.

  1. Increase productivity by 30+ %
  2. Reduce time to market by 25 %
  3. Increase sales performance & customer satisfaction
  4. Manage online visibility over field force
  5. Improved forecast accuracy
  6. Increase win rates and decrease lost sales
  7. Shortening sales call cycle
  8. Increase market visibility
  9. Bring supervisors closer to the ground activities
  10. Ability to apply geo-fencing and NFC to ensure on site customer visits
  11. Managing and tracking delivery personnel
  12. Manage and automates money collection process

MyShare automates the process life cycle of a merchandizer, allowing him to capture market insights, pictures, planogram compliance and many more visual aspects of the goods. Captured information will be used to assist the sales team while ensuring product visibility, increase of sales, and increase in the share of the shelf.

  1. Increase share of shelf
  2. Increase market visibility for both own items and competitors
  3. Ability to apply geo-fencing and NFC to ensure on site customer visits
  4. Define whether a POSM is efficient or not based on its sell out
  5. Manage online visibility over field force
  6. Increase sell out win rates
  7. Shortening merchandising call cycle
  8. Tracking planograms and ensuring compliance