Vehicle Tracking & Fleet Management

Designed to achieve faster planning, better vehicle usage, and tracking, MyFleet offers a full suite of tracking & fleet management services. These services allow fleet managers to track their vehicles’ real time and enable information to be transmitted promptly. The data transmitted could be configured to include any form of information such as location, speed, engine status (on/off), acceleration, mileage, and more.
Data collected could be processed, managed, and treated from our web or mobile app, available also on both Android and IOS.

Labor cost is reduced by:

  1. Increasing the number of sales visits and service calls per day
  2. Reducing unauthorized vehicle stops
  3. Eliminating unproductive activities
  4. Eliminating abuse

Vehicles fuel costs are cut by:

  1. The reduction of excessive speeding
  2. The elimination of personal use of company’s vehicles
  3. The improvement of vehicle maintenance
  4. The detection of fuel theft