With Laserfiche e-Forms, business processes are accelerated by simplifying data collection and processing. Yet the catch relies on connecting efficiency with technology by adding a live and “on-the-go” platform compatible to most mobile devices. In doing so, Laserfiche Mobile allows managers to be fully operational and access all business archives, even when on the road. Laserfiche customizable Web forms can also be placed onto—or linked from—any page of a Website, Intranet or public portal thus having employees, customers and other stakeholders easily access, complete and submit them to you.

What can Laserfiche e-Forms do for you?

  1. Eliminating Paper Work
  2. Ensuring accurate and secure data collection
  3. Allowing Instant Data Submission and Faster Distribution
  4. Extending business processes to the point of capture
  5. Having efficient movement of business information
  6. Allowing organizations to make measurable, targeted improvements in employee productivity
  7. Securing and organizing the information collected
  8. Accessing, uploading and creating documents “on-the- go”
  9. Staying on top of updates and user actions when out of the office
  10. Simplifying Audit
  11. Reducing wait time for services

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