Our greatest asset is our people.

BMB’s human centered approach.

A career at BMB puts you on the leading edge of technological solutions that transform peoples’ lives. It also puts you in a company driven by its passion for quality.

BMB holds such a successful share in the technology marketplace due to its highly skilled workforce. It’s the resilient desire to excel, make a difference and materialize winning visions into actual actions that define the company.

It’s our human centered approach that led our success.

Join us. Make a Difference!

Why Choose Us

  • Challenging

    BMB is a family composed of enthusiastic, dynamic and highly qualified team who will never give up on giving their best, and who are ready, at all times, to take on any challenge they encounter.” Mitri Doumet, CEO

  • Accomplish

    Your job completes you, it doesn’t define you

  • Facilitate

    We use technology to facilitate people’s lives

  • Quality

    We’ve been successful because our teams come to work with a unique eagerness for quality and advancement.

Life At BMB

Career Growth

Knowing that there is always something to be learned, BMB’s team is never bored or outdated. The teams are always provided with every necessary toolkit and labs from internal workshops, trainings and seminars to mentoring. We constantly evolve and learn, and believing in the solutions we sell, we move at its same pace: fast!

By promising to successfully deliver the latest technologies solutions, BMB hires the best! Through daily collaboration and information sharing, every project becomes a living reference in our field. We operate as an entity, that’s why we excel!

Our teams further expand their horizons by being exposed to international projects; they develop the successful traits of diversity, adaptation and creativity. Our differences, enrich us, our particularities reward us!

Job Opportunities