Digital Transformation with Laserfiche Event conducted by BMB


Press Release

Once again, BMB excels!

Beirut, Lebanon – July 12, 2017
-  BMB, alongside Laserfiche, held a conference entitled “Digital Transformation with Laserfiche” at Le Bristol Hotel Beirut – Lebanon. The event was attended by more than 125 attendees from different verticals in Lebanon.

bmb Direct COO, Nizar Ghannam, welcomed the attendees emphasizing BMB’s strong partnership with Laserfiche, their vision and initiatives for organizations to jumpstart their Digital Transformation Journey.

“In today’s world of exponential change, Digital Transformation is imperative for all businesses, and enterprises that are not agile and willing to transform will be left behind.” said Nizar Ghannam, “Digital Transformation is allowing businesses to gain global synergies while delivering optimal value to customers.” He added. “The past years of IT have been about changing the way people work, but the coming years will be about transforming the business.”

The event started with a Welcome note by Pamela Ayoub, Sales Manager at bmb Direct explaining the Digital Transformation definition and trend, its importance for businesses in responding to the changing market dynamics and the role of the Enterprise Content Management (ECM) in the Digital Transformation.

“Digital Transformation is a reality of business today and is a survival issue for most organizations.” mentioned Pamela Ayoub. “By teaming up with leading technology vendors such as Laserfiche and by bringing the relevant experience to our customers, we ensure that they embark on a journey of transformation with confidence using the right tools to increase their efficiency, revenue and improve quality of services and products while engaging the entire organization and customers.”

Presentations on the Laserfiche Digital Transformation model highlighting its 5 phases (Digitize, Organize, Automate, Streamline and Transform) and live demonstrations on Laserfiche Business Process Management were provided by bmb Direct team explaining in details how can organizations transform their business to digital whether they were starting or taking the next step in their digital journey. The sessions were interactive, dynamic and informative portraying the new Laserfiche features and functionalities.

“It is wonderful to see organizations in Beirut engage in the Digital trend and through the Laserfiche’s Digital Transformation Model, embark on their own digital journey,” said Denise Choi, Business Development Manager at Laserfiche International. “We hope more organizations will reap the exciting benefits of workplace digital transformation through events hosted by BMB.”

The event was concluded with a thank you note followed by a buffet lunch where attendees had the chance to network and share ideas with their peers.



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